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Future Care

Sensors, Artificial Intelligence and the Reinvention of Medicine

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Dr. Singh's latest book, Future Care: Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and the Reinvention of Medicine, is an exploration of the upswell of virtual care, the evolving role of sensors, and the impact of artificial intelligence in medicine, targeted at patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and readers interested in big ideas and the future of humankind.


The book describes the current landscape of healthcare and its future centered on sensor-aided, virtual care that will be powered by artificial intelligence (predictive analytics). The success of such technologies depends on our ability—as patients, providers, and payers—to understand and adapt to this changing landscape. Through strategic roadmaps for sustaining innovation and insights into how healthcare can become sensible, affordable, and practical, this book aims to engage all individuals in the evolution of their healthcare. 

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Praise for Future Care

"The future is already here and it eclipses our wildest dreams. From sensors in our clothing to nano devices we ingest, we have so many ways to 'sound' the body. But the pace of technological progress can be bewildering. Singh’s gift is synthesis, the thoughtful overview, even as he tackles the thorny issues of lack of integration in health care, or the growing digital divide. I was left inspired, educated, and hopeful for the future."

Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for Stone and The Covenant of Water

“The future of medicine has already arrived—new healthcare technologies are already being implemented at your local hospital and doctor’s office. If you’re curious about AI, sensors, and telehealth, Future Care will take you on a fascinating journey. Dr. Singh lucidly explains the current state of healthcare, shows us where we are—or should be—headed, and makes it all come to life with cases and patient stories from his own practice. Future Care is an important contribution to our ongoing conversation about how to live better, healthier lives.”

Paul M. Grand, CEO, MedTech Innovator

“Future Care resonates with my experience leading digital and information technology at Mass General Brigham, and is quite honestly a template for our digital health strategy. Dr. Singh shows that virtual care and digital health are not only the future of medicine, but can transform healthcare as we know it. He rightly highlights how digital capabilities can help move the practice of medicine from treatment to wellness and prevention, and most importantly, bring equity to healthcare.”

Jane Moran, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Mass General Brigham

“Jag Singh is a world-class physician-scientist and innovator who brilliantly explores the cutting edge, and the emerging art of the possible. Future Care is a must-read for those who seek to understand and apply the massive potential to shift from a reactive sick-care world of intermittent data, to one of real-time, proactive, personalized, sensor-driven care anywhere.”

Daniel Kraft, M.D.  Physician-Scientist, Founder of Digital.Health & NextMed Health, and Chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic & Health Alliance

“With the increasing use of wearables, sensors, and artificial intelligence, the transformation of medicine has begun. In Future Care, cardiologist Jag Singh provides a superb, detailed, and prescient glimpse of our digital future.”

Sandeep Jauhar, New York Times bestselling author of My Father’s Brain: Life in the Shadow of Alzheimer’s

“In Future Care, Dr. Singh reflects on the current state of American medicine through the lens of his own COVID experience. Although he has used data and technology in his own practice and research for decades, the pandemic opened his eyes to what might be possible not just in medicine but in true health care. The patient stories tells really capture your attention and illustrate how we might improve health for all. It’s a journey worth taking with him.”

Robert Harrington, M.D., Chair, Department of Medicine, Stanford University, and Past President of the American Heart Association

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